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The JPA Advantage – Knowledge with Experience

For nearly two decades JPA has developed and delivered solutions, services and products that leverage intellectual and domain expertise with technology. 

Our services and products provide near term, high yield, decisive capabilities at competitive cost.   We provide services operational uses in Federal, State and Local governments, industrial applications, and academia.

  • Financial and logistics system design and architecture
  • Software/System installation oversight
  • Operational support
  • Program management expertise
  • CFO compliance support
  • Data warehousing/knowledge management

We provide committed experts in governmental management and analytical processes, resulting in value-added support to our clients.

Our Staff Includes

Senior Executive Level Associates have a broad range of experience with, and a clear understanding of, the strategic, policy, managerial and systems issues facing the client. They include former departmental level key managers, chief financial officers of major field organizations, operational and staff managers, and experts who developed, tested, deployed and operated information and management systems. They maintain a vital network of key contacts within both government and private sectors.

Mid-Level Associates are experienced operating managers responsible for delivering customer service and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the supporting business processes, procedures and systems.

Functional Associates are the foundation stones of JPA’s capability, with hands-on expertise in developing and operating various functional information systems. They understand data mapping and data flows and the translation of inputs and outputs among various systems and system components. Their experience includes a range of infrastructure competencies.