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Founder's Message

It would be gratifying to claim that JPAssociates, Inc. (JPA) was founded as a result of an inspired vision or a driving passion. In fact, JPA evolved in response to growing needs from both the commercial marketplace and government for balanced expertise in governmental financial management and analytical processes. Of equal impetus was our desire to provide career extension to superbly qualified and experienced people who retained the desire, initiative, and commitment to deliver quality service. This was paired with a desire to provide job opportunities to mid-career individuals who could contribute significant support at the journeyman level. These factors came together in 1993 in sufficient force to warrant establishing JPA and to fuel its growth through today. JPA's business philosophy reflects the factors, which launched it as an organization:

Partners with our clients. Their challenges and solutions are our challenges and solutions. We will provide quality support and team with quality contractor teammates to the best interest of our client-partner.

Support our associates. Provide challenging and rewarding work, an opportunity for professional growth, and a cooperative and amiable workplace. If we do this, it will be beneficial and productive for our clients and ourselves.

Be profitable. We are a business, not an endowment. A positive bottom line is positive for our clients and our people. It is integral and critical to our business.

Have fun. If we can't laugh, even when struggling with adversity, we allow stress to divert us from our objectives, both business and personal.

If your views are in concert with who and what we are, whether as a potential client or as an employee, then let's talk!