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Accounting, Finance, and Budget Systems

JPA provided program management support and delivered an on-time, within budget, financial management system for a multi-billion dollar program.  JPA documented the as-is business processes, compared requirements to Federal Financial Management Requirements (Blue Book); reviewed proposed system solutions and documented shortfalls; produced a roadmap for CFO compliance; identified and reconciled data files, reviewed processes and developed an architecture planning roadmap to meet the clients business and auditability objectives. JPA recommended the best value solutions by evaluating COTS vs. GOTS vs. current system capabilities; estimating requirements and costs for CFO compliancy; reviewing software for technical capabilities, software linkage capabilities, modification flexibility, and legal requirements. JPA developed performance measurement standards and metrics for the systems development phase and tested each phase of development to ensure the on-time within budget implementation.

Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS)

JPA is supporting the DEAMS Air Force Functional Project Management Support Services effort. This effort includes the full range of services needed to support the DEAMS System Integrator (SI) to blueprint, configure, and implement recommended financial solutions, and provide functional support and efficient project management support.  DEAMS is being designed to meet the Air Forces financial management, managerial cost accounting and financial accounting needs including the development of auditable financial statements and compliance with Standard General Ledger (USSGL) requirements. DEAMS supports General Fund (GF) and Working Capital Fund (WCF) requirements throughout the United States Transportation Command and the United States Air Force.