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CFO Compliance

Roadmap to Auditability

JPA provided the Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management (SAF/FM) with a game plan to achieve auditable financial statements for the Air Force.  JPA identified and documented system and policy deficiencies that currently prevent full and complete auditability of each line item of the Air Force General Funds Balance Sheet.  JPA developed and provided guidance for implementing detailed solutions to audit impediments and compliance with legislative mandates of the CFO Act. Specific methodologies and approaches included:  Analyzing all the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) financial systems and documenting Air Force financial processes and the Air Force and non-Air Force feeder systems processes; Identifying and documenting systems deficiencies, system migration efforts and associated schedules, CFO reporting processes, and other aspects of financial statement auditability; and developing recommendations for SAF/FM implementation to achieve auditable financial statements.  

DIA Property, Plant and Equipment CFO Compliance

J.P. Associates, Inc. (JPA) is supporting DIAs initiative to provide complete asset visibility for all Property Plant and Equipment located throughout the world.  This initiative includes developing and implementing new policy and procedures; business process reengineering; design, development, acquisition and deployment of a automated system to record and account for all existing inventory, new acquisitions and removals from inventories.  A key objective of the effort is for the new reporting system to achieve and sustain an accurate and properly valued inventory that will allow complete asset visibility and help achieve an unqualified (clean) audit opinion for financial statements.