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Data Warehousing/Knowledge Management

Commanders Resource System Integration Support (CRIS).  

JPA led the effort to design, develop and implement an automated data mining and cleansing system to track Air Force (AF) flying costs for over 1,700 aircraft.  JPA, at the request of Air Combat Command, created CRIS--the ultimate data-mining tool.  The JPA team developed the software and algorithms for extracting, formatting and analyzing the universe of date.   The result was for first time ever, the AF had a fully automated access to flying hour cost data that provides a full range of cost management options, not to mention a huge savings in time, manpower and a quantum leap in flying hour program management. This capability allows analysts to track flying costs down to the tail number of a specific airplane on the ramp, a task virtually unheard of in the past, which now saves hundreds of work-hours.  

The Air Force Knowledge System (AFKS)

JPA supported the Air Force objective to bring together the full spectrum of Air Force combat support data and information required by the Warfighter. In this context, the term Warfighter ranges from commander to logistician and includes every member of the Air Force Enterprise who needs readily accessible combat support information to perform analyses and make decisions in support of the Air Force mission. Gathering and storing enterprise-wide data in a secure, reliable and consistent manner, the AFKS , through the AF Portal, has enabled modern decision-support tools to quickly provide clear and accurate decision-making information.